Call for papers

At the 31st IMP conference we will address related issues, considering questions such as:

  • How can actors’ ideas, activities and resources be organized and lead to creative, sustainable and interactive processes?
  • Where are the nodes of innovation and how can business development and operation be effectively balanced?
  • How can firms interact effectively to gain competitive advantage(s) through design and innovation?
  • How can organizations manage sustainability in their relationships and networks?
  • How can the ever-changing nature of organizing within networks be more explicitly addressed with the IMP approach?

These are among the questions we want to address as we discuss the way(s) the IMP approach can be used to facilitate new ways of adjusting to developments in the BtoB context.

The IMP Group’s annual conference is the largest in the world that deals specifically with marketing and purchasing issues within a business-to-business context. However the conference continues to have a friendly, informal and supportive atmosphere that facilitates the exchange and sharing of ideas and research perspectives.

Since its inception, IMP research has focused on the nature and management of relationships between companies in the international market. In recent years, this perspective has widened to incorporate the study of complex networks within which business communities operate.

We especially invite papers that offer new perspectives, alternative explanations and challenge conventional wisdom in exploring management in networks and relationships.